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How to (easily) edit content on a WordPress website

The way in which your site is built has a direct impact on how easy (or not) you will find making changes to it yourself. You can read this related post for a short introduction to the various ways in which a WordPress can be built.

My own approach combines the use of very well coded theme framework and one of the leading page builder available today. This enables me to produce an individually designed website whilst enabling my clients to easily update their own content. Additional functionality, if required, is then implemented on the site by using tried and tested plugins.

Whilst I do use some custom code to build elements of the site, this is transparent to you the user, as most of the content updates you will need to make can be done either using a simple and intuitive page builder or the standard WordPress text editor. But don’t just take my word for it, have a look at the two videos below for a short demonstration of how this would works for you in practice.


Updating the content of a web page with the page builder

Creating a new blog post with the WordPress text editor

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