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How to crop an image before uploading it to your WordPress website

Being able to reduce an image file size before uploading it to your website is essential and, hopefully you will agree, pretty easy by following the simple steps I described in this previous article:

However, often the image you want to use needs to be of a specific aspect ratio, different from that of the original image, and therefore needs to be cropped so it looks good on your website

In this new article, I will show you a couple of methods to achieve this by “cropping” an image to the desired layout or “aspect ratio”.

Method 1 – using free online tools

This method takes advantage of 2 free online resources, ideal for anyone with either limited technical expertise or preferring free online resources rather than investing in software

Method 2 – cropping an image using Photoshop Elements software

This method requires the purchase of a the “light” version of Photoshop called “Photoshop Elements”. The software costs between £50 and £95, depending on the version you choose and your platform of choice (Mac or PC).

NB: I am using an older version of Elements in this video (version 13), so the interface on your version will likely look different but the steps should be the same as described here.



I hope you find these useful. You can also have a look at other WordPress training articles and videos here

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